Located in the ‘Wild West’ of Berlin is the color grading boutique studio, Clrs.

Focusing on a cozy and comfortable atmos­phere, this space provides state of the art equipment alongside a cozy living room feeling. The studio will provide a range of creative services and suites, from color grading to editing in order to service all of Germany’s top clients. Clrs. strives to create an extra­or­dinary work atmos­phere and deliver high-​​end content that will captivate the masses.

Managing the Clrs. studio is the Texan born Victoria Whitworth, who is bringing southern hospi­tality to Berlin with her creative background in design and photog­raphy.
We are looking forward to new projects and collab­o­rating with some of Berlin’s top creative talents!




Clrs. GmbH
Carmerstr. 10
10623 Berlin

+49 157 348 522 36